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Listed below are the latest meeting dates and times of the Washington County Board of Education's standing committees. As new meetings are scheduled they will appear here.

Committee Meeting Date Time Agenda


April 19, 2021

3 p.m.



April 9, 2021

8 a.m.



March 30, 2021

8 a.m.


Human Resources

Kết quả xổ số miền bắc 30 ngày quaApril 13, 2021

4 p.m.



Kết quả xổ số miền bắc 30 ngày quaMarch 23, 2021

1 p.m.


Calendar Advisory TBD 4 p.m.  TBD
Assessment Committee 2/4/21 4 p.m. Click here

Citizen Advisory Committees

In addition to the Washington County Board of Education's standing committees, the BOE has established citizen advisory committees. The purpose of these committees is to provide the Board of Education with recommendations on certain matters. For anyone interested in applying for a position on a Citizen Advisory Committee, an Online Application can be submitted.

The citizen advisory committees are:

  • Budget Advocacy and Review Advisory Committee (WCPS Liaison: Jeff Proulx)
  • Calendar Advisory Committee (WCPS Liaison: Peggy Pugh)
  • Citizens Advisory Council Committee (WCPS Liaison: Peggy Pugh)
  • District Technology Planning Advisory Committee (WCPS Liaison: Robert Alton)
  • Ethics Advisory Panel (WCPS Liaison: John Martirano)
  • Facilities and Enrollment Advisory Committee (WCPS Liaison: Robert Rollins)
  • Family Life Advisory Committee (WCPS Liaison: Eric Michael)
  • Finance and Audit Review Committee (WCPS Liaison: David Brandenburg)
  • Safe Schools Advisory Committee (WCPS Liaison: Steve Ganley)